The New Era of Self-Sufficiency

Enter the world of green energy with the Ngen Star hybrid solar system, which allows you to produce your own electricity and use it when you need it. Any excess energy that you don't use immediately is stored in a storage unit. Easy installation, high efficiency, and a long lifespan. Use the configurator to determine which package is suitable for you.

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Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system does not need to be connected to the grid as it has an inverter that is integrated into the energy storage unit. This system ensures complete independence from the grid during the operation of the solar power plant and the energy storage unit. The grid only serves as a backup system to be used when consumption exceeds the capacity of the hybrid system. The excess energy can be transferred via the net metering system or sold, just like with a traditional solar power plant.

Ngen STAR baterija

The hybrid system uses the electrical energy generated by the solar power plant through the inverter to directly power the consumers in your home. If the energy production is greater than the current consumption, the excess energy is stored in a storage system and used as soon as the energy produced by the solar power plant is no longer sufficient for the current consumption. If the storage system is full and production still exceeds consumption, the surplus energy is redirected to the grid. In cases where the distribution operator does not allow such practices, the system automatically reduces production at the solar power plant. Only after you have exhausted all possibilities of consumption and energy storage, due to grid limitations and excess production, is the production of the solar power plant reduced. This means that the system ensures optimal utilization of the produced energy while taking into account any limitations and requirements of the electrical grid.

New Era Storage Units

With the new era storage units, you will be able to reap the benefits of green energy and become independent from the grid. This will make you self-sufficient and help you save on electricity costs. The Ngen Star hybrid system includes a solar power plant and an energy storage unit with an integrated inverter and a smart electricity meter. Become self-sufficient and save on electricity costs. Calculate the investment for your own Ngen Star package.

Electricity supply at a Reduced Price

To receive up to a 40 % discount on the supply of electricity, customers of the STAR system must be included in the Ngen platform. When market prices are low due to excess supply, your storage unit will automatically charge and provide you with energy when you need it. For household consumption, we can supply electricity only to customers who have installed the Ngen smart meter (which is part of the Ngen Star package). The storage unit allows for flexible consumption, i.e., an increase in energy consumption during periods of lower energy prices, and energy storage for later use.

Ngen STAR baterija

Ngen Smart Meter

We have developed a smart meter for measuring electricity. The smart meter enables our customers to participate in the Ngen platform, transforming them into active users. This allows them to join virtual groups to transfer any excess energy generated and receive electricity at a dynamic tariff.

Virtual Groups

At Ngen, we enable our customers to create their own virtual groups through our platform. If customers join a virtual group, they can directly transfer excess produced electricity from one metering point to another. This means that customers can install a solar power plant at one location and use the energy that they would otherwise export to the grid at another location. All metering points that are connected to a virtual group must be included in the Ngen platform and equipped with Ngen smart meters.

How does it work?

Your solar system produces electricity that is directly consumed by the consumers through a hybrid inverter. Excess produced electricity is stored in the storage unit for later use or fed back to the grid, depending on the user's preferences. In the event of a grid ffailure, the system automatically provides electricity to the consumers. The Smart Meter allows users to benefit from a dynamic electricity tariff in combination with a Smart Box, which allows the connection of devices such as a heat pump. With the »SG« function, the heat pump is additionally activated and stores energy in the form of heat. In this way, you also increase the storage of energy in the form of heat.

Ngen Star Packages

Using a hybrid system improves your self-sufficiency in electrical energy, as it ensures a high level of reliability and independence from the distribution operator and market price fluctuations. The system does not only reduce the cost of electricity but also the cost of network charges, and ensures that consumers have electricity in case of a grid failure. Moreover, it allows parallel operation with the grid and provides higher power than the available connection power, enabling occasional higher energy consumption than that provided by the grid.

Ensure your energy independence today and become an active user of eletric power. Send us your details and join the revolution of renewable energy sources.

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